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Maureen Blumhardt with husband Charles Barkley Now, let’s wind back the clock and know how the couple met for the first time.

At the time of their first meet, Maureen was working as a legal aide and a part-time model in the Bucks County.

The couple first accidentally caught each other’s eye at a City Avenue restaurant.

However, given the time and the thinking of society, they only thing the couple got when they were together was disapproving stares and unheard whispers.

In one of her graphic that a buff even asked Jay when she had been her uncle and he responded that she had been his girlfriend.

Jay Wasley as all of us know is well known as a cast member of the series, but he’s in fact the cinematographer and the Audio Visual Tech and Investigator for the series.

Maureen Blumhardt got married to Charles Barkley, the power forward legend in the NBA history in 1989.

However, the exact day and the venue of the wedding are missing, but according to the provided date, the couples have been married for over 30 years now.

Now, this was back in 1998 in Philadelphia, and when a successful African-American basketball player is in a deep relationship with a white caucasian female, it certainly raised quite a few eyebrows.So working for such a long time in his profession, Jay has to have rather a net worth booked.Other items like his job in different projects like advertisements, TV shows, and feature movies also needs to be accounted for to receive a suitable net worth .As for what we know about Maureen, she previously worked as a Legal Aid and a model when she first met Charles.She is a staunch supporter of female rights and is an honorary member of the Fresh Women's Association.

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