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You can even score points with him by joining in and saying something like, "Oh, she's cute," advises professional counselor Roger Rhoades of Carolina Counseling in Greenville, South Carolina.

"Acknowledging that another woman is attractive makes you seem confident, which only adds to your own appeal." Or do what Stella,* 29, does with her guy.

"The Cliffs' Notes version of your day is actually more effective.

Then move on to more mutually interesting topics, like current events or a movie you want to see," says Rhoades.

"Instead of blindly adhering to a prefab and possibly outdated standard, it's smart to consider how couples really function in today's world and act accordingly," says Los Angeles psychotherapist Lynn Ianni, Ph D. Cosmo has compiled the five dating doctrines that you need to ditch this instant!

The trick is figuring out which love laws help bolster your connection..which ones should be banned. Rule #1: You can't check out anyone else Why you should break it: You're in a relationship; you're not dead.

"But you have to work at maintaining an exciting sex life." So if your calendar is as stuffed as Tara Reid's bikini top, schedule time to get it on.

Follow this rule of thumb: "Fill your guy in on the things that elicited an emotional response from you," says Ianni.\n It's anyone's guess where they originally came from, but there are some universally accepted relationship mandates that we all think we should abide by.A few of these couple commandments are actually valid (as in: Your best friend's boyfriend is off-limits); others are totally bogus and your relationship will be better off if you break them.If hearing about office gossip is about as torturous to him as getting a root canal, spare him the dirty details.He'll be more into communicating with you if you're both on the same page.

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  1. Thus, it is necessary for you to discover your assets. Similar to hunting a treasure, you will never know when or where you will uncover such a prized gem. Yet, by dating over 40, you are learning a lot about the opposite gender, yourself, and what you really want along the way.