Bordeaux and cigar smoking dating

It’s no secret nonsmokers would prefer not to be in the immediate vicinity of smoke.

We worry about our health, and most simply don’t like being around it.

It’s no surprise that regionally, the West has the highest percentage of people who would break up with a smoker because of their habit.

This region has the lowest number of smokers than any other region.

I couldn’t believe that my old high school buddy, Tom Unvert from Newport Harbor High School (I was known there as Jim Reordan), had finally conformed in Newport Beach to some of the civilized pleasures that I had learned while living in London.

The question remains, though: are some places more acceptable for smoking? When we asked where it was OK to smoke, some places got far more disapproval than others.

Smoking cigarettes around kids was the biggest no-no, with 80 percent saying it was unacceptable. The most acceptable places to smoke were in a bar, outside at a party, or with a group of friends. We asked our survey respondents about sex appeal and learned the vast majority of nonsmokers ranked smokers as less than sexy.

In fact, I am still a member of a men’s club in London, where cigars and fine Port are one of the main reasons to belong, although a new antismoking law in the United Kingdom has apparently stopped this.

Anyway, we had just finished dinner drinking a number of full-throttle Rhône-varietal California reds and whites.

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We asked them about their feelings toward dating cigarette smokers, which types of smoking and which scenarios were deal breakers, as well as basic demographic questions.

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