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Typically this type of backdating occurs when the beneficiary of the backdating can reap some sort of tax or other benefit if the event had occurred on the earlier date.Examples of improper, fraudulent backdating: However, not all backdating involves fabrication.For example, the date when the event itself occurs can be uncertain.Sometimes the law governing the event is ambiguous, and other times the facts surrounding the event are unclear.On the other hand, if the document is executed after the event has occurred but accurately reflects the date of the event, the backdating is a proper memorialization.The line between these practices, however, is not always clear.Often a contract arises through a series of negotiations, and the exact time at which the agreement is reached may not be clear.

To a layperson, backdating sounds like a bad thing. Its legitimacy depends upon its purpose and effect. It is improper, of course, to date a document on one date, but the event occurred on a different, later date.This will cost me some money but it will save me a lot more than paying the actual charges.All I did was backdate the plan so it took effect last month.This meant my data usage was up when I used Whats App and my regular texts home were up as well.Luckily, AT&T and other major carriers allow you to backdate your plans when you go over.

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