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You would think that in Toronto, where they have 470,000 blacks, we would have a handful of seats. I don't think Canada is paradise for blacks, however there could be an explanation for the absence of black MPs in Canada as compared to the U. There is no "black side" of town in Canadian cities, and areas that locals might refer to as "black" are usually no more than 25% black.

In US cities often very large parts of the city are 90-95% black.

Jean Augustine had worked so hard on securing her Lakeshore-Etobicoke seat but was unceremoniously forced to give up that seat when the liberals wanted to place Iggy in riding they thought would be secure. Thankfully, this past election, we showed the liberals that the minority vote is not a block they can just exploit at their whim.

You are right about this white liberal mindset of denial.

Unfortunately, in Canada there is no effort to endorse black candidates.

If anything, the liberals screw up black candidates.

Myself, I worked at a Wealth Management company immediately after graduation in Toronto for a short stint before relocating.

Not even one Black Man or Woman over the VP level in the company.

Toronto has a lot of positive stuff to offer a black person. Anyway, I am now past my clubbing days so that's no longer an issue to me. Vancouver is fine if you are into dating other races as you will have a hard time finding black singles. actually creates congressional districts to purposefully ensure that certain groups (blacks, hispanics, etc.) get representation.Fast forward to Central Florida and her first firm had 8 Black attorneys (including 2 Partners) including the managing partner.Now a lawyer herself, she will be starting at the largest firm in Boston, and the managing partner in a Black Woman.For example, my wife worked at 2 law firms in Toronto as a Law Clerk.One large (250 attorney's) One Midsized (125 attorneys) neither had even one black attorney in the entire firm.

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