Advice for dating a shy man Free cam sex in mississauga

Plan low-key dates where your guy isn't feeling pressured to be the life of the party.

Friend zones (I hate that word) are a thing because you guys don’t communicate your intentions clearly.

She’ll keep you as a friend (if she likes you as a person) because you haven’t told her otherwise, and if you leave it long enough she’ll view you as a sexless friend she can tell everything about her relationships with, just not any relationship she views you in with her, ever.

To be clear there’s nothing wrong with being friends with women, but if you have a romantic interest in this woman it’s only fair and honest to communicate this to her very early on.

Here’s the thing though, if you don’t learn to find time for yourself and be your own person then no-one is going to be very interested in you.

Get yourself a hobby, find yourself an interest and go out there and be a bit too busy. Nothing says a trip to snoozeville more than a guy that’s positively predictable and incredibly boring. Taking her somewhere she would love to go and being different from the general populous could mean the difference between, “Oh just some guy that I went on a date with….” to “wow, the best date I ever had” Be respectful, dude.

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