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Earlier marriage records, and current records, are available from the probate judge in the county where the license was issued.

Earlier divorce records, and current year records, are available from the clerk of court where the divorce petition was filed.

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The mission of the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (LLR) is to promote the health, safety and economic well-being of the public through regulation, licensing, enforcement, training and education.

Seniors who wish to spend their final years by beautiful beaches, all the while being close enough to historical cities packed with culture will love it in South Carolina.

Record Access Requirements: Records are released only to the subjects, their adult children, former or present spouses and legal representatives.

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Records Available: Divorce Records South Carolina DHECVital Records2600 Bull St Columbia, SC 29201-1797Phone: 803-898-3630Fax: 803-898-3761Website Business Hours: AM-4PMRecord Access Requirements: Records are available only to the parties, their adult children, a present or former spouse, and their legal representatives.

Others may obtain a statement of the date and county of the event.

Senior Living Costs in South Carolina ↓ Benefits of Living in South Carolina ↓ South Carolina's Senior Living Options ↓ Finding the perfect living facility to spend the golden years can be tough. Check out our list of the top senior living communities in the state below.

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  1. After that initial wave of emotion, the reality is, you are the same as if you had avoided taking the action at all. The more you prove to yourself that it is okay and life goes on without any significant pain, the less intense the fear becomes. Sometimes, for whatever reason, someone you like is just not interested in you. If someone doesn’t share the same feelings as you, it was not destined to happen. For every person who rejects you, there will be someone else who does like you.