Accomodating resistance equipment

Also the weight stack shows a loss of resistance because of gravity and momentum.

Keiser pneumatic resistance strength curve remains consistent at all three training speeds.

When using four boards, the tension is never released. So thanks to Doug Ebert for the follow-ing band exercise.

Be-cause of this, a quick start is impossible and locking out a heavyweight is really tough. Attach a blue band to the bar and start with 95 or 135 pounds because this is tough.

Keiser exercise equipment uses compressed air rather than a weight stack to provide resistance.

The resistance applied by each machine varies throughout the range of motion so that the muscle must maintain a constant level of exertion to complete the exercise.

In the bench press, bands and chains have helped 17 of our lifters achieve 550 or more and 7 lifters have done 600 or more.

When I talk about bench training, I am referring to my lifters with a 550 bench or better; that’s who we experiment with.

(They weigh 20 pounds each, but half is on the floor at lockout.) A 500 pound bencher can use both the 5/8 and 1/2 inch chains for a combined added weight of 31 pounds.

Keiser’s pneumatic strength training equipment was designed by mechanical engineer, Dennis Keiser, and his brother Randy in 1978.

They have worked with Olympic athletes, as well as NASA to create equipment for long-duration space flights, and with the Council on Aging and Adult Development to support research on aging and exercise.

Run the 5/8 chain through the metal loop and adjust it so that half of the 5/8 chain is lying on the floor while the bars in the rack. For example, if your max is 500, put 300 pounds on the bar.

When the bar is on your chest, only the weight of the bar should be on your chest; that is, all the 5/8 chain should be on the floor.

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Weight stack cam machines were designed to take into consideration the forces due to acceleration and deceleration (starting and stopping the weight stack) so it can counteract the effects of inertia and momentum.

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